2000AD #2206

On sale today: 2000AD issue #2206, a special "all-ages" issue of the legendary British science fiction comic! This 52-page "Regened" issue contains five new stories: Judge Dredd: Tooth and ClawScript: Michael CarrollArt: Nicolò AssirelliColours: Gary CaldwellLetters: Annie Parkhouse Abelard Snazz: The Only Way Is UpScript: Paul CornellArt: Anna ReadmanColours: Pippa BowlandLetters: Jim Campbell Venus Bluegenes: … Continue reading 2000AD #2206

Word-Count Guide for Writers

Writers! Ever worry that your story isn’t long enough? Or maybe that it’s too long? Is your novel actually a novella in disguise? Here’s a handy guide to the standard(ish) categories in fairly common use, plus the word-counts of some well-known tales.