Mike’s Name Generator

If you’re anything like me, trying to come up with a good name for a fictional character — especially a throwaway background character — is often the equivalent of unexpectedly snagging a door-handle with your sleeve: everything grinds to a halt while you sheepishly extract yourself and mumble an apology to the door.

So to that end, many years ago I created a simple program to generate a list of random names, and it’s been available to all on my website ever since. For free, too (just like this very blog for which I don’t get paid in any way, so please buy my books).

Owing to Adobe’s decision to discontinue support for their Flash software platform (which, to be fair, was getting a bit toothlong), I’ve completely rewritten the name generator in a different programming language, so now it’s not only better (and contains more names!), it should work on just about any platform that can run Javascript.

This is what it looks like…

Mike’s Name Generator randomly generates ten names from a list of first names and surnames. With over 144 million possible combinations that should be enough for most writers’ needs. But if the “Middle names” option is selected, the number of possible combinations comes to over 723 billion. Or you can even choose to have double-barrelled surnames, bringing the potential total to a little over twenty quadrillion (20,803,457,140,849,296 to be precise). If that’s not enough, then you’re on your own.

To use the name generator, visit my website here or click on the image above! If you do find it useful, please tell everyone, even your old friends Riccardo Alonzo and Bianca Caldow-Haye, and of course your arch nemesis, Professor L.H. Stegmayer!*